Stay-Cation Must: The Lodge at Columbia Point

Stay-Cation Must: The Lodge at Columbia Point

Drumhellers restaurant

Staycation Must:

A review of the Lodge at Columbia Point

Wow - it has been a hot minute since I have seen you on here my dear! As with everything in life, we have different seasons, different areas of focus, and new opportunities. With that being said, my focus the last quarter of 2018 has not been on my blog and videos, but rather finding better ways to serve the styling side of my business and the best ways to provide services to my clients. If only I had extra time in the day, am I right? However - and this is a total side note- I have been reading a book called The One Thing, and it has been teaching me to focus on one major goal at a time, hence why my focus has been on my one-on-one clients. If you need a book to kick your bootie into high-gear on reaching your goals, I highly recommend reading The One Thing by Gary W. Keller and Jay Papasan.

Speaking of recommendations, that brings me to today’s blog, all about my recent staycation at a hotel in my hometown of Tri-Cities, Washington. If you haven’t heard of The Lodge at Columbia Point in Richland, you need to check it out! Today I will be sharing the highlights of my recent stay, along with my overall review and things to do while there.

Lets dive in, shall we???

Why did we choose to stay at The Lodge at Columbia Point? After hosting Thanksgiving at our home, my husband and I knew we would need a little R&R and to get away from the world to celebrate our engage-a-versary, but we didn’t want to travel a long distance.

From our home to the Lodge it is about a 40 minute drive, so it at least felt like we were going somewhere outside of town! Not to mention the Lodge itself feels like something completely unique for the Tri-Cities - I felt like we were in a cozy mountain resort or even something commonly found in a bigger city, not the normal Holiday Inn or typical business-travel-friendly hotel found in the Tri-Cities.

The Feels…

Who can resist a fresh cup of hot coffee?

Who can resist a fresh cup of hot coffee?

The styling of The Lodge gives me all the cozy feels - from the physically warm and inviting fireplace in the entrance Living room (yup, a living room lobby area complete with a view of the Columbia River), to a fireplace in the hotel room, to the outdoor covered heated pool and spa area, the Lodge begs you to enter and get comfortable. Outside of our comfortable king bedroom with river view and patio sitting area, my favorite spot was the library on the second floor. With multiple books to peruse, I could have sat all day next to the fire drinking hot cocoa while catching up on my weekend novel.

Our hotel room had the most comfortable pillows and even a fireplace facing the bed to give the romantic vibes, plus keep this girl’s chilly bones warmed up! Did I also mention the Lodge is pet-friendly? My little Tinkerbell (my 7 pound Chihuahua) loved curling up by the fireplace to stay warm - I think she assumed it was meant just for her!

The Food…

Everyone’s most important question - how was the food?? Let me just say even if you don’t plan on staying at the Lodge, you should definitely eat at Drumheller’s Restaurant, located on the second floor of The Lodge. I wanted to order every item on the menu, but with a two-night stay, there is only so much two people can eat! From the fresh salads and amazing wine list, to the seasoned fries, the chef at Drumheller’s is an artist. I can’t decide what was my favorite dish between the risotto, mouth-watering duck, or the braised short rib so tender it fell off the bone, or to the cheesecake topped with wine-Infused strawberries… Can I just have one of everything, please?

I have to give a shout-out to the staff of Drumheller’s restaurant as well. On the last night of our little staycation getaway, my husband and I realized at about 7:30 pm we hadn’t eaten dinner yet, but neither one of us wanted to get out of our loungewear and go to the restaurant. However, the hotel doesn't officially do room service. Don’t fret though!! Read on…

My sweet hubby walked down to the restaurant and asked the server (we had gotten to know her a little bit from the night before at the restaurant, her name was Crystal) if he could see a menu and order some food to go. Crystal was so sweet with her reply that he didn’t need to order it to-go, she would pop down to our room in a few to personally take our order and bring us our food when it was ready. After she and another server brought us our food and came back after a few to check on how we liked everything, Crystal then came back around 45 minutes later to collect all the dining wear and dirty dishes. Talk about service!

Let’s talk about my favorite meal of the day: breakfast. Even though breakfast is included, don’t expect some chintzy contintenal breakfast with stale breads and make-your-own waffle machines. This was quite the morning spread! Freshly made real scrambled eggs, mini quiches, and even REAL bacon and sausage, to hot oatmeal with all the fixings, and even a yogurt bar with fresh pastries and juices.

Even on the Sunday morning of our checkout (towards the tail end of the breakfast service), they were out of bacon. When the chef heard that I was inquiring about any more bacon becoming available, he personally came out of the kitchen to ask me how I liked my bacon - crispy or soft. He then made a special batch just for me, with only about 10 minutes left of the breakfast service. They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, well the way to my heart is through bacon.

I couldn’t recap the food without mentioning the freshly made chocolate chip cookies, available daily on the main floor of The Lodge. I was practically a kid with her hand getting caught in the cookie jar regularly! These are some of the best chocolate chip cookies I have ever had, and I was even fortunate enough to snag a couple fresh out of the oven one day - still warm and gooey! They go perfectly with the all-day coffee service right next to the cookie jar.

The Favorite Features…

I wouldn’t call myself a jet-setter, but I have had my fair-share of travels and hotel experiences and some hotels just go the extra mile with their features and amenities. I wanted to feature some of my favorite features of The Lodge has to offer.

The outdoor pool area is incredible! Whether it is hot or cold outside, you can enjoy a dip in the heated pool, or sooth your muscles in the hot tub while staying protected from the elements with the covered patio feature. I didn’t get to hang out much by it, but I love the idea of catching up with friends with a bottle of wine while sitting near the outdoor fireplace - maybe it just means another stay or visit to The Lodge is required?

I love to get a good morning sweat on, with the Lodge’s fitness center I was able to continue my workout program while staying there. With cardio machines, yoga mat, free weights and bench are all I need to feel energized from a workout. With our stay being the weekend after Thanksgiving, I didn’t get a chance to book any spa treatments, but the massage room sure did look enticing. There are multiple ways to relax and focus on physical and mental health while staying at The Lodge.

The location is hard to beat - with exceptional views of the Columbia River, a walking path riverside that connects to the park (a favorite feature of Tinkerbell, btw), plus being close to the wineries and tasting rooms of the Columbia Basin, The Lodge is perfect for anyone looking to really experience the best of Eastern Washington.

All in all, I give The Lodge at Columbia Point two thumbs up! If you are traveling to the Columbia Basin, need a new restaurant for date night, or are just looking for a little getaway, don’t hesitate to check out The Lodge.

If you want more info on The Lodge, check them out right here, and be sure to subscribe to my podcast for more reviews, life hacks, and upcoming interviews. Listen to the latest episode of my podcast, here.

With Style and Grace,

Deidra Murphy

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