Recap: Style Workshop at Blankspace

Recap: Style Workshop at Blankspace

Recap: Style Workshop at Blankspace

Hello Lovely,


A HUGE thank you goes to everyone that came out for the Valentine's Day Look and Learn Workshop over the weekend, hosted by Blankspace Tri-Cities.

The workshop was a great chance for attendees to watch a live makeup application with Amy Rene Makeup Artistry, followed by a style class with me!

I had the opportunity to teach over 50 women about dressing for your shape, and how to visually lose 10 pounds with my tips and tricks. 


Paired with the lesson, I also showcased real life models and gave outfit inspirations for Valentine's date night. The sunny morning was a girly way to get inspired and chat with lots of local women.

As I like to say, I can teach you how to "accentuate your assets, and camouflage your concerns."

Both of my models got to wear designer duds sponsored by the local boutique, Twist. The day before the workshop I met both girls at Twist so I could style them up and dress their shape.

Thanks to Twist boutique (a local sister store of Walla Walla Clothing Co.) for sponsoring the models clothing!

Another big shout out and thank you goes to my mom! With the workshop being on a Saturday, she was my designated assistant the whole day! Not only bringing much needed Starbucks, but also providing me with support and encouragement. She has always been my biggest cheerleader (including when I was a cheerleader in high school, haha). 

Where would this world be without moms?

To see all the behind the scenes pics and more from the workshop, check out the gallery below.

By the way, did you know I do FREE at home style parties? Get a group of gals together, we drink wine, I show you how to wear the most confusing wardrobe pieces YOU have in your closet, and I teach about a style topic of your choice. 

To book a style party for your friends or even co-workers (I teach style workshops at business staff meetings too), contact me right now, I am now booking events for March and April. 

Thank you again to everyone that came out to the workshop. I hope your Valentine's Day was amazing! 

With Style and Grace,

Deidra Murphy

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