Let it Go! Winter Wonderland

Let it Go! Winter Wonderland

Let it Go! Winter Wonderland

Hello Lovely,

Deidra Winter Shoot Edited-0018.jpg

Can you believe all this snow recently? As a girl that has been living in Eastern Washington since the age of 7, I cannot remember such a prolonged white winter.

As much as I love the look of the winter wonderland, it does make getting around very difficult.  I sincerely hope and wish that you and your loved ones are staying safe and warm. If you have kids, I am sure they don't mind all the cancelled school days!  

When the snow first hit, a photographer friend of mine, Misty Christianson threw out the idea of taking pictures in the snow.  I jumped at the chance (as I always do when it comes to photo shoots haha)!  

Since the photo shoot was very last minute (plus poor Misty had to drive all the way out to my house), I decided to throw on a dress and brave the weather.  YES I am that crazy haha.  

Deidra Winter Shoot Edited-0052.jpg

Okay, just so you know, I have a background in pageantry, that is why I just *happened* to have an evening gown on hand.

This particular gown is a Sherri Hill jersey dress I have kept since it worked well for appearances and as a possible backup competition gown from when I was Miss Columbia Basin (a local title for the Miss America Organization). 

During the shoot, Misty kept her car running close by so I could warm up every 15 minutes!  I will say that throwing on a vintage fur stole (this one is a mink fur, circa 1940s) did keep me warmer than I expected!  Fur is actually the warmest thing you can wear (makes sense, right???).

Misty and I dubbed this session as freezin' for a reason, I think the temperature during our shoot was hovering right around 20 degrees?

The entire time I felt like Snow Queen Elsa, and had the song "Let it Go" running through my head. Okay I may have also been singing it in-between snap shots, no judging me! 

I loved every minute of it though, plus Misty always makes photos fun. If you need wedding or engagement pictures, Misty is definitely your gal! Check out her work at her website, here. 

Trying to stay warm with a fur stole!

What has been your favorite, or least favorite, part of this crazy winter we are having?  Leave it in the comments below! 

With Style and Grace,

Deidra Murphy

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