Are you frustrated by a closet full of clothes, yet have “nothing to wear?” Tired of hearing commercials of all the things you should be buying or wearing, instead of what truly makes you happy? Hate shopping because its time consuming, overwhelming, or hard to find things that fit?

I have been there. Just a few short years ago I was frustrated because none of my clothes fit; I kept buy more clothes in hopes that I would finally feel good about myself.  In reality, I had to start feeling confident from within and project that confidence to the world (ever heard of faking it till you make it?), and it didn’t start with buying a ton of new clothes.  But rather by utilizing my creative side to showcase my talent for making my current wardrobe feel different, and using the pieces I already had to showcase my current body shape.

This is what lead me to realize I could help other women accomplish the same thing – dress with confidence again in all aspects of life (whether it’s a board room or a first date), by teaching them how to accentuate their assets and camouflage concerns.  Taking women personally shopping to eliminate the overwhelm, teaching in the process what unique shapes and colors flatter her, or even creating new outfits without even spending a dime.  

By using a myriad of backgrounds and life experience, from school teaching, coaching, art, and fashion retail experience, I obtained my certification as a personal stylist and color expert in order to empower women with the power of image and personal style.

When I’m not creating magic with new outfits, I can be found traveling with my husband of 4 years and my tiny Chihuahua (the adorable Tinkerbell), staying active (either hiking or doing some sort of CrossFit style workout), enjoying new foods, gardening, playing hostess, or singing in the shower (not well, I might add).

Are you ready to start taking things up a notch? Your style, love life, career goals, health, image, social life?  All of the above?  Then you my dear, are in the right place!

Start by getting your first of many freebies right here.  This is my number one style tip that can up-level your style instantly, no matter your current style, shape, season, or age!